Annual Scholarship Program

The mission of ALAMN is to advance the role of legal managers through education, sharing of knowledge and resources, and recognition of their contributions to the legal profession. The chapter created this Scholarship Program to assist our members with their professional development and to align with the ALAMN's mission of providing quality educational opportunities to all members.

The ALAMN Board of Directors oversees the Scholarship Program. The Board may revise the program guidelines and has the discretion to direct additional funds into new or existing scholarships. Scholarship Program funding is based on a percentage of the Association’s projected yearly revenue. By relating program funding to yearly revenue, we seek to ensure funding for the Scholarship Program while remaining good stewards of the financial health of the chapter.

ALAMN Scholarship Program 

 The Program is administered by the ALAMN Administrative Director, who will announce scholarship recipients. Scholarship reimbursements are processed by the ALAMN Finance Director.

ALAMN Administrative Director: Rebecca Doyle

ALAMN Finance Director: Suzette Allaire