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The ALAMN Management Job Bank is open to law firms and legal departments for management positions that meet ALA and ALAMN membership criteria.  Posting to the ALAMN job bank is available to members of the association at no cost.  

Firms or legal departments who have an employee who is not a part of the ALAMNassociation but are a part of ALA or has had a member within ALA in the last six months can also advertise at no cost.  

Firms or legal departments who do not meet either criteria are able to advertise on the job bank for $25.00 per listing for up to 30 days.  

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Laurie Greenberg
Briggs And Morgan
Phone: 612.977.8608

[email protected]


1 Manager of Recruiting and Employee Relations - Lathrop GPM
2 Director of Finance - Arthur Chapman Kettering Smetak & Pikala, P.A.
3 Director of Marketing and Business Development - Maslon LLP
4 Chief Human Resources Officer - Fredrikson & Byron
5 Office Manager - Avison Legal, P.A.