"Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance."
Vernā Myers

ALAMN’s focus on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) align with the National Chapter of ALA.  Therefore, ALAMN has adopted the Diversity Statement of ALA as updated June of 2022.

The Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) fosters an inclusive environment and recognizes diversity’s power to strengthen the organization through collaboration that values our talents, skills and experiences. Our mission is to empower legal management professionals to lead the business of law by advocating for diversity initiatives that provide an environment of equity, inclusivity and accessibility to everyone.

As emerging thought leaders in diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility, we encourage conversations about, acceptance of and a focus on these issues throughout the legal community. While we may not have all the answers, we strive to keep listening to better expand our empathy and knowledge.

ALA commits to provide:

  • Programs, resources, products and services that are accessible to everyone.
  • Equitable hiring to ensure employment practices and policies serve to counteract unconscious biases.
  • Encouragement for every individual to bring their authentic self to the table so we can acknowledge, confront and remedy any decisions or behaviors inconsistent with our mission.
  • Building trust through open and honest communication based on mutual respect.
  • Measuring and transparently reporting results on our progress in these commitments and our mission.

How We Currently Define Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility 

Diversity recognizes, respects and values differences based on gender, race, skin color, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, physical ability and sexual orientation. This also encompasses an infinite range of individual characteristics and experiences, such as communication style, career path, educational background, geographic location, income level, military experience, marital status, parental status and other variables that influence personal perspectives.

Equity eliminates barriers to fair treatment for underrepresented groups through systemic changes. Creating fair access, opportunity and advancement promotes the representation and participation of different groups of individuals.

Inclusion efforts aim to create a welcoming environment for everyone. Successful inclusion programs proactively identify and remove the barriers that impede the success of everyone, including those historically underrepresented in the legal industry, and foster a culture of respect and belonging.

Accessibility emphasizes the importance of improving the degree to which an environment, information, or product or service can be obtained. It ensures a level playing field for people by addressing physical and nonphysical barriers.

We want you to see and feel our commitment to diversity in everything we do.

One of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s goals is to provide our members with resources and educational opportunities to enhance diversity within our firms and organizations.  Below is not intended to be a complete list of resources, but includes many of our favorites.  If you have suggestions to add to the list, ideas on how we can serve you better, or if you would like to join the committee, please contact Stacy Locsin.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility Team

ALAMN and its DEI&A Team are dedicated to providing a valuable educational and development opportunity to dozens of Minnesota metro area students of diverse backgrounds who are planning on pursuing a career in which can be utilized in a law firm. The goal is to help the students learn about the different careers and help them analyze and investigate the best fit profession that suits their interests and career goals in the legal profession.

We continue our commitment to investing in the future of Minnesota’s legal administrative profession through learning and scholarships. Every year, the ALAMN in conjunction with the DEI&A Team awards a $2,000 Diversity Scholarship to a hard-working, with strong academics, and well accomplished Minnesota high school student of a diverse background pursuing a career in the legal administration or a related field.

Additionally, a Career Fair is held every year that features professionals from law firms across the Twin Cities representing a wide array of fields in the legal industry. This event is a great opportunity for high school students to learn about the different career options available in law firms and hear and learn first-hand knowledge from the professionals themselves. The goal is to help the students learn about the different careers and help them analyze and investigate the best fit profession that suits their interests and career goals in the legal profession.

We hope to build on these initiatives and continue to expand our efforts well into the future to grow the association’s diverse members, invest in the future generation of legal administrative professionals, and strengthen our scholarship and diversity training programs to keep providing education opportunities that promote awareness of diversity and inclusion.


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