If your firm has Mimecast you are likely not receiving your listserve emails.  We have received a workaround from Mimecast that has been tested. Forward this to your IT department to assist with these changes.  If they are not comfortable making the changes they will need to continue to release your emails until we have a better resolution from Memberclicks.

  1. Go to Administration > Directories > Profile Groups
  2. Select the + on the Root Folder
  3. Select the folder and edit the text box above
  4. Change the name to "Suspected Malware Bypass"
  5. Ensure you're in the folder then select Build > Add Email Addresses OR Add Email Domains
  6. Enter alamn.memberclicks.net
  7. Go to Administration > Gateway > Policies > Suspected Malware Bypass
  8. Select New Policy
  9. Narrative: [CUSTOM]
  10. Select Option: Ignore Suspected Malware
  11. Addresses Based On: Both
  12. Applies From: Address Group
  13. Specifically: Suspected Malware Bypass
  14. Applies To: Internal Addresses
  15. *All other settings are default