Special Interest Groups

The ALAMN Special Interest Groups (SIGs)  are forums of legal administrators that meet regularly to discuss topics related to their position or location. Each group also has an e-list available in order to provide another avenue to communicate. If you are interested in participating in one of the groups you can contact the chair.

  • Facilities Management - Provides a forum for facilities administrators to discuss facilities related issues. It also serves as a resource for education and job enrichment, including networking and sharing of ideas. It is responsible, along with the systems and technology group, for the technology and facilities survey. (Chairs: Michelle Brauch and Cynthia Trana)

  • Financial Management -Provides a forum for financial managers to meet, network and discuss ideas of interest in the legal industry. Many find participation in this group to be an excellent way to get to know others that face many of the same daily challenges and generate good discussion regarding process improvements and problem solutions. Our meeting format is educational presenters and/or round-table discussions. The group meets once a month between March-November. Lunch is provided by the hosting law firm. (Chairs: Julie Zierden and Josh Wolff)

  • Systems and Technology - Provides a forum for systems administrators to meet and discuss the constantly changing areas of software and hardware technology systems with respect to their application in law firms, corporate legal departments, and public sector legal departments. (Chair: Craig Wilson)

  • Intellectual Property (IP) - Provides a forum for professionals working in the area of Intellectual Property law.  Our group serves as a resource for education and job enrichment, including networking and sharing of ideas.  Our meeting format is educational speakers and/or round-table discussions, and we meet about every other month.  Co-chairs attend national IP conferences to keep up with IP laws, hot topics and new ideas, then share information with other IP professionals in the Twin Cities area.  Participants in this group find the meetings to be an excellent way to get to know others that face many of the same challenges of operating an IP firm. (Chairs: Val Studer and Susan Sutton)

  • Pricing, Legal Project Management and Knowledge Management - A forum for professionals working in the areas of Pricing/LPM/KM.  We meet to network and have educational presentations/discussions on topics within these areas of responsibility.  Discussions are typically focused on people, process, and technology as they relate to Pricing/LPM/KM.  The group meets every 2-3 months.  Meetings are typically held over the lunch hour by a hosting firm, with a few social happy hours scheduled throughout the year.  Member(s) of the hosting firm will provide beverages and a ~30 minute PowerPoint presentation on a specific topic, with ~15 minutes for Q&A/discussion to follow.  (Chairs: Bree Johnson  and Adam Barvels)

  • St. Cloud - Provides a forum for St. Cloud area legal administrators to discuss related issues, exchange ideas and techniques, talk about industry trends and share news and information which supports the profession and adds value to the members; organization. The SIG is open to all law firm administrators from St. Cloud and the surrounding area. (Chairs: Ann Entenmann)